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Just a few of our entertaining thoughts about the fascinating and exciting industry we’re passionate about.

It’s good to be recognised for doing things right.
Congratulations to The Oarsman!

Just when you thought you’d got a handle on the little things…

I suppose its only right to start with the opening night of a restaurant – there’s just a glimpse here, in the film its 44 minutes of the most beautiful, orchestrated chaos.

It is important to develop relationships with your guests, their uniqueness makes every day differ, and as guests we are often surprisingly odd.

It’s easier to say yes than it is to marshal all the unnecessary rules.

Guido the genius guides a guest to order just what he wants when the kitchen is closed.

If only every waiter of the street was as dexterous as Charlie Chaplin – slightly impatient guest mind.

It would be great to be responsible for the guest journey from the off and influence every decision for the ultimate experience.

Oh, its just good to be out.

A Drink of two halves.

More rules, and it never looks like it does in the pictures – still best-selling sandwich the world over.

Those were some days – everyone used to be on cigarettes and coffee, Gym and Juice is yet to be filmed.

Kenny Shopsin Chef/Restaurateur/Philosopher all round good family guy making his way in NY City – with some strong language.

Ice Cold In Alex. “Worth Waiting For”.

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