What We Do

Truffle Hunting is a UK based consultancy that works globally with our client’s needs – We work through a creative process to understand our client strengths and challenges within their sector. We produce a road map to an ideal destination and direct the changes required to build a great team for the business’s successful evolution.


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The art of creativity is being unique.

Our endeavour is to support new businesses to develop something individual, something to be proud of. 

We know the marketplace, the most notable who’ve been before us and we know those creating new scenes.

We take a script, create a story board, develop the business plan, write up the budgets in fine detail, in some instances find investment, but essentially get completely pitch perfect.

Our Approach To Creativity ►


Moving from the creative into production, setting the goals and getting focused. We take care of all development and planning, putting; some colour in in the process, a wiggle in your walk.

We take the initiative, coordinate and supervise the team, applying our knowledge of the industry find the right suppliers through our networks and set a stage for you.

Through strong leadership and great communication, we showcase the importance of attention to detail and bring the best in class to fruition.

Our Production Process ►


Getting the show on the road and realising the vision, getting on location, giving feedback, work with casting, selecting the players, build a program and deliver the concept. 

Monitoring action, keep departmental structure and a united culture, providing solutions.

Managing budgets and schedules, supervising creative and editorial teams, adding composers on a personalised score.

How We Direct ►


Sustainability involves us all and every decision we make. 
It’s a very simple proposition as it allows us to do tomorrow what we do today.
By encouraging this ethos, we provide better conditions for the planet and the people.
We can show you a greener vision on every decision from energy to equipment, Butcher to Vigneron.

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